What’s at stake?

The people of Shell Cove had been through a lot over the years. After incursions in 2018 from close neighbour and global superpower Greater Pentium United, life had returned to a peaceful and prosperous state.

But things are never stable for too long. The struggle for power is constant.

A new alliance has formed between Greater Pentium United and the Former Republic of Codsville creating the Atlantia Union. Buoyed by this increase in power and influence, the Atlantia Union is undertaking brazen and open cyber based warfare against Shell Cove and its allies.

Shell Cove has established itself as smart city, using information and communication technologies to increase efficiency, improve services and share information with the public. The city offers the latest technology from an automated rail system to public Wi-Fi.

With this embrace of the ‘Internet of Things’, there are also increase security threats that can impact the lives of Shell Cove’s citizens. Citywide connectivity has created more security vulnerabilities for the residents of Shell Cove. The cities infrastructure is now less secure and more open to different forms of criminal activity.

Red teams

Participants from government and industry will combine to form five red teams and attack Shell Cove. To win, they will need to successfully attack the cities’ critical infrastructure and create major physical, financial and reputational damage.

Blue team

The blue team will be made up of members of the department’s Cyber Security Branch and will deter, disrupt and detect the progress of the red teams.

White team

The white team will be made up of members of the department’s Cyber Security Branch and control game play and ensure integrity of the game.